More on the case against Judge Peatross

The Richmond paper has this story ("A battle in court over 'the truth,'" 10/31/04) which begins: "A recommendation to censure or remove an Albemarle County circuit judge over the way he handles criminal cases is providing a rare look into the agency that investigates complaints against judges."

A member of the Judicial Inquiry and Review Commission was quoted as saying that the judge "acted vindictively towards attorneys where he felt that his authority was questioned."

The article also notes the judge was cited for discussing his case with Chief Justice Hassell of the Virginia Supreme Court, which will decide what to do about the charges against the judge. "Although Peatross testified later that he did not intend at the time to take his case to the Supreme Court, the commission said it was improper for him to talk about it with a member of the high court, which is the final authority on matters of ethics for state judges."