More on Law Graduate Employment Transparency

We blogged earlier on the consumer movement to make job data for law graduates more transparent. The University of Chicago Law School has just gone public with a raft of data that many schools do not provide (at least not in the same detail). Chicago says how many of its graduates are employed nine months after graduation, in what type of job (including whether the job requires a J.D. and bar passage), for how much money, in what part of the country, etc. Chicago says that it is following Yale Law School's lead. Here's how Chicago introduces its data:

The Law School has long proudly provided data about employment outcomes to prospective students, admitted students, current students, and alumni in various forms. In today’s market, we understand that prospective students want and need more information than ever before in order to make decisions about their futures. We are pleased to offer extensive data below about employment outcomes, and we thank our friends at Yale Law School for providing an excellent model for this information. We have provided our data in the same format as Yale to facilitate easy comparison by prospective students.