Michigan medical clinic faces business litigation lawsuits

Sanitation is essential for medical professionals. Not only does this protect the medical personnel, it also protects patients from dangerous infections which could cause personal health problems or even death. Unfortunately, one medical clinic in Michigan may not have maintained sanitation standards, which has prompted several people to file business litigation lawsuits against the medical services provider.

The medical clinic, Michigan Pain Specialists (MPS), is being accused by patients of negligence when it gave them tainted steroid shots which resulted in a variety of health problems, including meningitis. Apparently, a drug manufacturer faxed a recall notice to the clinic to alert them about a recall of a methylprednisolone acetate (MPA) which was manufactured by MPS. Out of the seven lawsuits initiated, two of the complaints allege that MPS ignored the received fax.

There have been 750 illnesses and 64 deaths caused by tainted shots in the United States. At least 264 people have fallen ill as a result of tainted shots in Michigan, while 19 deaths have occurred. One patient in the MPS case was required to be hospitalized twice due to the tainted injections he received from MPS. The man stated that every aspect of his life has been impacted by the clinic's alleged negligence.

On the other hand, the Michigan clinic denies each and every allegation in the business litigation lawsuits filed against it. The defendant company will have an opportunity to defend itself in court. However, the clinic will need to present a strong legal defense in front of the judge in order to prove that it was not negligent in the unfortunate incident.

Source: livingstondaily.com, Genoa Twp. clinic facing lawsuits , Lisa Roose-Church, Sept. 29, 2013