Memphis “VeinViewer” Trade Secrets Case

From the Memphis Daily News, a story concerning Memphis-based Luminetx Corp. which is accusing two former executives of allegedly taking trade secrets to a company that it is suing for patent infringement called AccuVein LLC.

AccuVein, based in Cold Spring Harbor, N.Y., is launching a product that enables veins to be viewed easily underneath the skin. Luminetx began selling a product with this function, the VeinViewer, in fall 2006.

A former Luminetx employee, now an employee of AccuVein, is alleged to have provided his new employer with information on Luminetx customers and its sales force. The complaint alleges that a representative of AccuVein began trying to recruit members of the Luminetx sales force. Luminetx contends that those names of the sales staff could only have been obtained through the former employee.