@LRToday Morning Round-Up: October 18, 2012

California Warehouse Operator Faces New ULPs: Lilly Fowler writes for NBCNews.com that NFI, a California warehouse operator, faces new unfair labor practice allegations just months after settling other claims. NFI is accused of retaliating against workers who joined a 15-day strike protesting unsafe working conditions and previous acts of retaliation.

Striking Workers Asked to Leave Employer’s Public Auction: Tarryl Jackson of mlive.com reports that 25 of Hendrickson Trucking Co.’s unionized employees were asked to leave the employer’s property during a public auction because the employer did not want them protesting during the auction. The employees have been on strike since June as the negotiations for a new collective bargaining agreement have been at an impasse for months. The striking employees assert they could attend the public auction "peacefully."

AFL-CIO Wants State to Release More Information on Palermo Pizza: Jason Stein and Georgia Pabst of the Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel write that the AFL-CIO is trying to get Wisconsin to release more information about Palermo Pizza so that it can evaluate whether Palermo is complying with basic state requirements such as the minimum wage. The AFL-CIO’s request is based on its support for striking workers at Palermo who are trying to form a union. Earlier this week the AFL-CIO’s Center for Strategic Research released a report called "Too Much Pork in the Pepperoni Pizza" that analyzed the public funding Palermo received from the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp.