@LRToday Morning Round-Up: November 11, 2013

Union Lays Out Plan to Save GE Plant: Amanda May Metzger of the Post Star reports that last week, the United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America (the Union) issued a brief summary of a proposal it will present to GE management this week that the Union believes can save its Fort Edward plant. The plan, according to the Union, will seek public funding for machine upgrades, which interestingly will allow the plant to cut labor costs.

The Union’s plan came in response to GE’s notification to the Union that GE will be moving its plant to Florida in one year. The notification is a requirement of the parties’ collective bargaining agreement. The presentation is set to take place tomorrow. We will keep you posted.

Walmart Protest Leads to Arrests: Roy Carroll of the Guardian reports that last week, approximately fifty people protesting against pay and working conditions at Walmarts in Los Angeles, CA were arrested. Those arrested included both current and former Walmart employees, as well as clergy members and union representatives. Representatives for OUR Walmart, a grass-roots group affiliated with the United Food and Commercial Workers, stated that approximately 100 of the 500 protest attendees worked for Walmart. As this was just the most recent in a string of protests against the big box giant within the past year, we can expect to see more as the holidays approach. We will certainly keep you posted.

More Adjunct Professors Looking to Unionize: Inside Higher Ed reports that adjunct professors at both Whittier College and the University of La Verne are looking to organize under the auspices of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU). Union bids have been filed with the National Labor Relations Board, so elections can be expected in the coming weeks, unless the respective colleges challenge the elections. We will keep you updated as to any developments.

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