@LRToday Morning Round-Up: June 8, 2012

South Carolina Bill Discourages Union Activity: Andrew M. Ballard of Bloomberg BNA ($) writes that South Carolina’s legislature ratified a scaled-back bill designed to discourage union activity in South Carolina. Under the terms of the bill, it would increase monetary penalties for violations of the state’s right-to-work law and would allow employers to display a poster informing workers of South Carolina’s right-to-work protections. The bill also requires unions to disclose organizational and financial information to the state. Gov. Nikki Haley is expected to sign it.

NLRB Elections Declined Substantially in 2011: Bloomberg BNA ($) also has a piece by Michelle Amber reporting on analysis by Bloomberg BNA’s Research & Custom Solutions of the NLRB’s election data. According to the article, the number of elections in 2011 decreased by almost 24 percent from 2010. However,

The NLRB statistics do not reflect the full extent of organizing being conducted by unions since many unions organize through other methods including neutrality and card-check recognition agreements.

"Romney goes for a Walker": Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post writes about Mitt Romney’s proposals to limit the power of organized labor such as appointing to the NLRB "experienced individuals with respect for the rule of law," amend the National Labor Relations Act to protect the right of business owners to allocate their capital as they see fit, reverse executive orders issued by President Obama, and amend the NLRA to guarantee a secret ballot election. Ms. Rubin advises:

In this, however, Romney should be careful of overreach. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) took on public employee unions, not private-sector unions, and he did so in order to directly benefit the taxpayers and improve government efficiency. If Romney is perceived as going after “working stiffs,” he will fall prey to the “rich-guy ogre” stereotype.