@LRToday Morning Round-Up: August 3, 2012

NLRB ALJ Awards HealthBridge Workers Back Pay: Mara Lee of the Hartford Courant writes that a National Labor Relations Board administrative law judge issued a decision Wednesday finding that HealthBridge Management must provide union workers at six unionized nursing homes back pay because the company illegally terminated and rehired housekeepers at lower wages.

The ruling describes how when housekeeping workers protested the cuts in pay and benefits, they were told they had to fill out the job applications to be rehired, and if they didn’t do so and instead continued to complain, the administrators would call the police.

Government, Airport Screeners Reach Agreement: Sam Hananel of the Associated Press is reporting that the American Federation of Government Employees representing 45,000 airport screeners and the Transportation Security Administration reached a first collective bargaining agreement. The agreement provides for a new process for resolving disciplinary matters and a better system for increasing pay based on performance.

NHL Labor Talks Continue: Kris Eberwein of The Rat Trick reports that collective bargaining negotiations between the National Hockey League and the players union resumed this week. The meetings have focused on the NHL’s proposed revenue sharing arrangement and medical care, training camp procedures, and roster moves.

Some of the controversial topics in the league’s first offering include; a decreased hockey related revenue shard for the players from 57 percent to 46 percent, an extension of rookie contracts from three years to five years, a five-year cap on all contracts, and an end to contract arbitration.

The current agreement expires September 15, but includes a provision that if both sides are willing to negotiate beyond that date, the season can begin under the rules of the current collective bargaining agreement. To date, neither side has threatened a strike or a lockout.