@LRToday Morning Round-Up: August 16, 2012

NLRB Wants HealthBridge to Pay Back Pay to Strikers: Mara Lee of the Hartford Courant reports that the National Labor Relations Board will ask a judge to order HealthBridge to pay back pay to approximately 700 strikers for the entire time they were on strike.

Usually, a company is liable for back pay if a judge rules the strike happened because of a company’s attempt to bust a union. The clock starts from the time the strikers unconditionally offer to return to work, and the company does not hire them back.

In this case, even though the offer did have a condition, NLRB Regional Director Jonathan Kreisberg said that legally, it satisfies the unconditional return standard, because the agency believes the benefit changes were against the law.

‘Wide Gap’ in NHL Labor Talks: The Boston Herald reports via the Associated Press that not much progress was made yesterday in the National Hockey League’s labor talks despite the threat of a lockout a month away. The existing collective bargaining agreement expires on September 15, and the NHL has warned that it will lock out the players if a new deal is not reached by then. If the lockout occurs, it will be the leagues fourth labor dispute in 20 years.

Union Vote at JWF Industries: Bernie Hornick of the Tribune-Democrat writes that approximately 200 production and maintenance workers at JWF Industries and two other plants are voting today on whether they want to join the International Association of Machinists.