Law school bloggers exam talk recalls to mind my own version of the exam dream

I've been reading the travails of the many law school bloggers, all cramming for finals, which brings to mind the "exam dream", described here:

"It's exam day. You have to go to your exam.

But there's a big problem: You haven't studied for this class all year. In fact, you haven't attended this class all year. You don't even know where the class meets.

OK, you can wake up now. You've had the exam dream.

And you're not alone. A large percentage of the population has had it at one time or another."

Yeah, I've had the exam dream, and my own version doesn't make much sense. Somehow it involves most commonly a terrifying combination of Cabell Hall at U.Va. (actually New Cabell Hall), calculus (which I've not seen while awake since one of these in high school), and William & Mary law professor Lynda Butler (who used to teach math but now teaches Property Law), with the added twist that I can't find a blue book. (You could never have too many blue books, way back in the 1980s, but I can't remember now where they were sold or how I managed to get them.)