Key Differences In Nev. And Calif. Data Privacy Laws

Sadia Mirza and Yanni Lin were published in Law360 for an article titled, “Key Differences In Nev. And Calif. Data Privacy Laws.” The article discusses the differences between the California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA) and Nevada’s Senate Bill 220, both of which were drafted to regulate the collection, maintenance, use or disclosure of personal information. They point out that S.B. 220 “is much narrower in scope than the CCPA.” They go on to state that, “Historically, Nevada’s data privacy statute only required operators of internet websites to provide notices of their data collection practices. S.B. 220 modifies the statue by also giving Nevada residents the right to direct operators ‘not to make any sale of any covered information the operator has collected or will collect about the consumer.’ Thus, the most notable difference between S.B. 220 and the CCPA are the number of rights afforded to consumers. Whereas the CCPA attempts to provide broad rights to California consumers, S.B. 220 provides Nevada consumers only the right to opt out of the sale of their personal information.”