Jason Zuckerman Speaks at NELA Conference About Evaluating Whistleblower Claims

whistleblower protection

Jason Zuckerman spoke at NELA’s recent 2013 Seminar titled”Shining The Light On Whistleblower & Retaliation Claims” about evaluating whistleblower claims. Zuckerman and two other panelists, Kathryn Burkett Dickson and Janet L. Goldstein addressed the following topics: “The proliferation of whistleblower retaliation and reward laws has created a complex maze of claims and remedies. This panel examines the issues that often arise in assessing whistleblower claims and offer tips for formulating an effective strategy to maximize your client’s recovery. Topics include preserving a retaliation claim while pursuing a whistleblower reward claim, choosing the optimum forum, minimizing claim splitting and claim preclusion risks, choosing claims with favorable causation standards, exhausting administrative remedies, gathering supporting evidence lawfully and ethically, and settling retaliation claims without waiving potential whistleblower reward claims.”