In a twist, Georgia employee terminated for responses to his social media post

In a new twist on what is becoming an all-too common headline, an employee of a Georgia marketing company was recently terminated after his post of a picture of himself and the African-American son of a co-worker was met with racist and hate-filled responses. The employee posted a relatively innocuous picture of himself and the child on his Facebook page, which was publicly available. The picture drew comments of a racist nature from his Facebook friends. The story provides yet another potential angle for employers to monitor—and for employees to consider—when it comes to social media. Employers may need to think about to what extent responses to an employee’s social media post need to be monitored. If an otherwise anonymous post draws offensive responses, should the employee be held responsible for such content? On the other hand, should employees think twice about whom they friend on Facebook or other social networks in order to avoid just this type of scenario?