Having fun with the blogs I read

Curmudgeonly Clerk says here that the information on this site is "frighteningly detailed," which sounds like a judge commenting on some of my briefs. In particularly, when I told one judge that even my wife saw the contradiction in calling something 100 pages long a "brief," he replied, "did she also say what would be perfectly obvious to everyone else, that there's no way you can expect the judge to read all that?"

I thank you, and likewise state that I enjoy the work of the Clerk, although his (and anyone's) references to the work of Yale Professor Judith Resnik kind of freak me out, since the only Judith Resnik of whom I was previously aware was the astronaut.

As further evidence of my state of being unread in every sense of the word, Tim Sandefur's Nietzsche references make me think mostly of the philosophy of Ray Nitschke, as documented in this video called "Building the Perfect Beast."

Finally, on the theme of nonsense and sports, I was shocked, shocked, to learn that Howard Bashman is taking his son to the Vet in Philadelphia this afternoon (weather permitting - the game was in the third inning with no rain last I heard) and they are rooting for the Braves!