Georgetown Journal of Poverty Law and Policy Issue on Consumer Protection

Here, with links to purchase the articles. The issue includes remarks from a program at the 2013 AALS Annual Meeting jointly sponsored by The Sections on Poverty Law and Clinical Legal Education, entitled The Debt Crisis and the National Response: Big Changes or Tinkering at the Edges? The list includes. The articles include:

"Owner Finance! No Banks Needed!" Consumer Protection Analysis of Seller-Financed Home Sales: a Texas Case Study

Genevieve Hébert Fajardo

Improving the Lives of Individuals in Financial Distress Using a Randomized Control Trial: A Research and Clinical Approach

Dalié Jiménez, D. James Greiner, Lois R. Lupica, & Rebecca L. Sandefur

Where the FCRA Meets the FDCPA: The Impact of Unfair Collection Practices on the Credit Report

Mary Spector

Ensuring Justice: The Role of State Court Systems in Responding to the Consumer Debt Crisis

Justice Fern A. Fisher

Consumer Law Clinics: Community-Based Lawyering—A Social Justice Response to the Financial Crisis

Judith Fox

Addressing the Foreclosure Crisis Through Law School Clinics

Nathalie Martin & Max Weinstein