Five Things to Know About Cuba

U.S. and Cuba relations have undergone several watershed moments over the past couple of months, marked most recently by President Obama’s historic visit. Licenses are being granted to U.S. business, travel restrictions for U.S. citizens are being loosened, Cubans have more access to U.S. currency and financial institutions, and American industry experts -from the agriculture to the hospitality sector- are meeting with their Cuban counterparts. But does this mean the floodgates to Cuba and U.S. deal making will open soon? Here are five things to know about Cuba. 1. Congress Needs to Act While it’s encouraging to see some momentum develop, the bottom line is that the trade embargo is still in place. The embargo can only be lifted by an Act of Congress. Because the U.S. is in the middle of an election year, it’s unlikely that there will be any formal action in Congress until a new president is elected. While Hillary Cli