Editorials, Op-Eds, and Letters to the Editor on Legislative Process, Ethics, & Lobbying Reform


11/30/04 Shunning the Messenger

Times Union (Albany)

11/24/04 Reformers, Reformers Everywhere

The New York Times

11/21/04 In Albany, the ‘Fix’ Is Not Yet In


11/15/04 William F. Hammon Jr. on the Obstacles to ‘Reform’ in Albany

William F. Hammon Jr, The New York Sun

11/12/04 ‘Broken’ New York: The Right Repairs

Robert B. Ward, New York Post

10/20/04 Rules for Albany, 2004

The Journal News (Westchester, Rockland & Putnam)

10/19/04 Albany Mess

Press & Sun-Bulletin (Binghamton)

10/17/04 Stringer Resolutions Need Support

Jeremy Creelan & Lawrence Norden, The Post-Standard (Syracuse)

10/17/04 The Brodsky Plan

Times Union (Albany)

10/15/04 It’s Not on the Ballot, but Vote for Reform

Yancey Roy, Times Union (Albany)


Scott Lauffer, Press & Sun-Bulletin (Binghamton)

10/05/04 Bring Back the Gov’s Idea--Term Limits

Patrick Basham, Daily News

10/03/04 A Hint of Reform

The Buffalo News

09/19/04 Citizens Who Stand Up Tall For Reform Cannot Be Brushed Aside

Scott Schell, Democrat & Chronicle (Rochester)

08/13/04 Shame on Albany


08/11/04 Albany has Reached the Limit

Michael Goodwin, Daily News

08/10/04 New York Nightmare

The Buffalo News

08/06/04 This Week’s Winner’s and Losers

Statesman Journal (Salem, OR)

08/05/04 New York’s Loafing ‘Leaders’

New York Post

08/05/04 Brennan Report: Antidote to Dysfunction in Albany

Andrew Zaplatynsky, The Post-Standard (Syracuse)

08/02/04 Late in Albany

The New York Sun

08/02/04 Show Them the Door

The Post-Standard (Syracuse)

08/01/04 New York’s Shame

The Buffalo News

08/01/04 The Sad State of New York’s Government

Scott Schell, The Buffalo News

08/01/04 Every State Incumbent Deserves to be Ousted

Times Union (Albany)

07/28/04 A Capitol Mess

The Ithaca Journal

07/26/04 Worst in the Nation

New York Post

07/26/04 Rotten in the State

The New York Times

07/25/04 Albany’s World and the Real World

The New York Times

07/25/04 Albany Emperors

Press & Sun-Bulletin (Binghamton)

07/25/04 State in a League of Its Own for Dysfunctional Legislature

Jay Gallagher, Poughkeepsie Journal

07/25/04 A Legislature in Denial

Times Union (Albany)

07/25/04 To Fix a Broken System

The Post-Standard (Syracuse)

07/25/04 New York’s Fake Legislature

The New York Times

07/25/04 How to Cure Albany

The Journal News (Westchester, Rockland & Putnam)

07/25/04 The Worst Legislature in America

Daily News

07/22/04 More Proof

Democrat & Chronicle (Rochester)

07/22/04 The Trouble with Albany


07/18/04 That’s Just How It Is In New York

Laurie Nikolski, The Journal News (Westchester, Rockland & Putnam)