Drilling Through The Bureaucracy: Disclosing The Rules For Fracturing

Baker Hostetler Environmental Partner Ben Pfefferle, Litigation Partner Tom Stilwell, Environmental Associate Jason Yearout and Houston Litigation Associate Cassie Dallas published “Drilling through the bureaucracy: disclosing the rules for fracturing” in the August 2012 issue of the Oil & Gas Financial Journal. In the wake of increased shale gas exploration and production, many states have adopted new regulations that increased the amount of oversight, visibility and transparency for hydraulic fracturing. As a result, the article states, new provisions have emerged with similar, but not matching, requirements from state to state, making it difficult for shale gas developers to know if practices complying in one state will comply in the next. A uniform set of federal rules that would provide clarity and consistency to these issues is unlikely, the authors conclude. They suggest operators invest in the effort to understand the applicable state chemical disclosure requirements before starting operations in a new state.

Here’s the link to the article: Drilling through the bureaucracy: disclosing the rules for fracturing.