DOE Appears to Have Dropped Support for FutureGen

Illinois lawmakers yesterday said the Department of Energy is will drop its support of the FutureGen project.Sen Durbin (D-IL) said yesterday, after our meeting today, “it is clear that Secretary of Energy Sam Bodman has misled the people of Illinois, creating false hope in a FutureGen project, which has no intention of funding or supporting.” The DOE was slated to fund about 75% of the costs of the project.No member of the Department of Energy has confirmed that they have dropped support.Energy Secretary Bodman said in response to the rumor, “I would expect … the Energy Department would have an announcement on that over the next two or three weeks.”All signs seem to be pointing in the direction of them dropping support as they never came out in support of the site selection of Mattoon, IL.The main cause for the possible withdrawal is the soaring cost of the project.