Debate Over Big Stone II

In a letter to the editor that appears in the Grand Forks Herald Newspaper, Edison Electric Institute Vice President of Policy and Public Affairs William Brier offers his viewpoint on the current issues preventing Big Stone II from being built.He writes in the letter that he was “surprised and dismayed to learn that a panel of administrative law judges has recommended that

Minnesota regulators reject the project.”

As he had been traveling across the

Dakotas, the common message he heard from people was the need for “reliable, affordable electricity” and, in his opinion, that is what Big Stone II would provide.He concludes his letter bysaying:

The bottom line is that electricity consumption will continue to grow nationally and in the upper

Midwest. To meet that demand and to keep the economy growing, utilities must have a balanced portfolio of energy options, including renewables, efficiency, nuclear, natural gas and, yes, modern, coal-based electricity.

The letter is evidence that Brier is a strong believer that Big Stone II needs to be built.It will be interesting to see if

Minnesota regulators follow the recommendation of the judges or if they listen to Brier’s opinion of what the citizens want.

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