ComputerWorld Kenya Warns "There Are Computer Thieves Out There!"

Okay, okay. We admit it. We thought it was a little ironic that an online magazine called "ComputerWorld Kenya" was warning about data thievery. That said, in a legitimate piece, Christopher Burgess echoes points we've made on our blog many times - that nation/states are active in stealing proprietary information for their benefit. Mr. Burgess makes a fascinating report in the following regard, something we didn't know:

"As said above, the FBI went so far as to place an advertisement in various Chinese language dailies, soliciting volunteers with information about Chinese interest in U.S. firms, and especially those who may have information about the activities of the Ministry of State Security. Brazen and unprecedented, but perhaps quite effective, although we'll never know just how successful. One can only assume the noise factor of MSS activities in the U.S. had reached such a level that the leadership of the FBI had decided that the political fallout of their advertisement far outweighed the potential positive results of their efforts--the verification and identification of Chinese espionage activity in the U.S. against public and private entities. The FBI should be commended for being proactive."

Anyway, pretty interesting read. Enjoy.