COA Warns Lawyers And Judges Not To Submit/Sign Orders On Lawyers' Stationery

In a case today written by Judge Steelman, the COA again warned lawyers not to submit orders to trial judges on the lawyers' stationary, and it warned judges not to sign such orders: "We note that Judge Webb's order was printed, signed and filed on the ruled stationery of Habitat's trial attorney. Without deciding whether this practice violates either the Code of Judicial Conduct or the Revised Rules of Professional Conduct, we strongly discourage lawyers from submitting or judges from signing orders printed on attorneys' ruled stationery bearing the name of the law firm. Such orders could call into question the impartiality of the trial court." Two months ago the COA sounded a similar warning in another decision by Judge Steelman: "We strongly discourage judges from signing orders prepared on stationery bearing the name of any law firm."