Causes Of Action - Asbestos Exposure

Summary of Pennsylvania Decisions

Weible v. Allied Signal, Inc., 2008 PA Super 290 (December 19, 2008) and Wright v. Allied Signal, Inc., 2008 PA Super 289 (December 19, 2008)

Holding: In order for liability to attach in an asbestos-related products liability claim, the record must contain sufficient evidence of exposure to asbestos-containing material to meet the frequency, regularity and proximity test of Eckenrod v. GAF Corp., 544 A.2d 50 (Pa.Super. 1988). In addition, the plaintiff must present evidence to show that he inhaled asbestos fibers shed by the specific manufacturer's product. There is no requirement, however, that a plaintiff who suffers an asbestos-related injury must establish the specific role played by each individual asbestos fiber within the body.