Both Colorado Senators Now Opposed to EFCA?

We noted last week that Senator Michael Bennet (D-CO) had adopted a less enthusiastic approach to EFCA when discussing the issue with constituents over the current Recess. At best, Sen. Bennet saw the bill as a potential obstacle to accomplishing other priorities. Now, in the Huffington Post, Al Eisele is reporting that Bennet’s fellow Colorado Democrat, Senator Tom Udall, is less equivocal about his opposition to the measure:

Udall begins by half-apologizing for having voted last summer for the Employee Free Choice Act, which would make it easier to unionize businesses by eliminating secret ballot voting, a decision he wants to "clarify" for the benefit of his pro-business audience.

He says he supported the measure, which passed the House but hasn’t been taken up by the Senate, because he felt the National Labor Relations Board could best deal with concerns raised by the bill’s opponents. "But I’m not convinced that the Employee Free Choice Act is the way to do that. Both sides have legitimate concerns," he says, while noting that there aren’t enough votes to bring the bill to the Senate floor for debate and a vote. "Business and labor need to find common ground on this one," he adds.

This, however, seems to slightly contradict what Greg Sargent reported earlier in the week at The Plum Line blog:

Udall spokesperson Tara Trujillo confirms to me that Udall will cast the first vote in favor of EFCA. “He believes it’s important to have debate on big issues,” Trujillo says.

“Mark has always said this is not a perfect bill,” she adds, “but he believes workers should not be intimidated in the workplace.” Trujillo said it was uncertain what he would do on the final vote. “We don’t know what the final bill is going to look like,” she said.

The two aren’t impossible to reconcile, but there’s a lot of grey areas to be nuanced here before one can know for certain which way Colorado’s delegation will vote if cloture is attempted on the current bill.