Book Review: 7 Steps for Legal Holds

Book Review: 7 Steps for Legal Holds

We have had great feedback from readers following the release of Seven Steps for Legal Holds of ESI and Other Documents (ARMA, June 2009). Now comes a favorable review of the book, posted at (in both its Technology and Corporate Counsel sections) further demonstrating that all the hard work was worth it. certainly got the message as demonstrated by the closing lines of the review:

Isaza and Jablonski don't have the last word on legal holds, but they certainly have the right ones, in seven, digestible steps, to get your organization started in fashioning a legal hold policy and procedure to respond to an event that triggers the duty to preserve evidence. In the end, you will want to get out there and put a legal hold on something.

To read's review click, here. To read more about the book, click here.

As any reader of this blog knows, we are passionate about helping people understand the legal duty to preserve ESI and other documents in the United States when organizations are faced with litigation, a government investigation or reasonable anticipation of both. Our blog posts involve one simple goal: provide useful information to help organizations avoid spoliation sanctions. This was not the easiest goal given the breadth of information available about legal holds, litigation holds, preservation, legal hold notices, best practices, e-discovery, spoliation sanctions, etc.

We started to tackle this simple goal in print form over two years ago, when John Jablonski (author of this site) and John Isaza (contributor to this site) set out to explain the emerging trend of legal holds in easy to understand language. To keep the interest of the most learned reader, we also worked to provide ample citations, scholarly discussions of case law, an appendix on known trigger events, and useful forms. In hindsight, what were we thinking. At times, the task seemed impossible. Nearly every legal hold court opinion was fact specific. Best practices and trends were sometimes illusive. Add in commentary from a myriad of sources and the finish line seemed far away. We pressed on and the end result is 7 Steps for Legal Holds of ESI and Other Documents.