Blog v. dog

As we debate morning, noon, and night how much longer to keep Chrissy, I recollect this Scheherazade post, where she asked the question, which would you give up, the blog or the dog?

My answer in January, 2004:

"My dog is 13, bad legs, bad hearing, bad breath, bad manners. She was once declared 'cute' by a future federal judge as she wagged her tail at him in the middle of our town.

I'd say we'd give up about everything we've got for her, if it comes to that, but I'm afraid it won't."

Almost three years later, that's about the size of it - there's nothing much we can do but try to figure out when enough is enough. In this old photo, the dog looks like she is expressing her view of the situation.

S. also wrote this memorable post about her favorite Google search term, which makes me think that things could be worse.