Automotive News: Recall roulette - Which auto brands come out on top, EU finds suspiciously high emissions in Citroen, Audi

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Recall roulette: Which auto brands come out on top

Though it's encouraging that automakers and regulators have become increasingly proactive with regard to safety-related recalls, it's still annoying to have to bring a vehicle back to the dealership for required repairs, even if they're performed at no charge.

How annoying? According to published reports, more than 45 million vehicles that were the subject of safety recalls issued between 2013 and 2015 had yet to be brought in for covered repairs as of summer's end, 2016.

Virtually every manufacturer large and small has been the subject of a recall in recent years, but some brands fare better than others in this regard. read more »

EU finds suspiciously high emissions in Citroen, Audi

The European Commission's in-house science body has found suspicious emissions behaviour in diesel cars from Audi and Citroen.

EUobserver has seen the test results which show much higher emissions when the conditions of the official test are slightly changed.

This indicates that the models were designed to pass the test, but not necessarily to be clean during normal driving. read more »