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Tesla Sneakily Removes Autopilot from Used Model S, Adds It Back Without Explanation


Tesla hasn't stated its policy regarding such matters, or even if such a policy exists.

Forum users on have pointed out that disappearing software isn't an isolated occurrence, but there isn't much clarity on when or why it happens. read more »

Volkswagen offers 830 million euros to compensate German buyers


Volkswagen said it will compensate owners of its heavily polluting diesel vehicles in Germany in a settlement that will cost the German carmaker 830 million euros. read more »

We still can’t agree how to regulate self-driving cars


There was a sense of déjà vu on Capitol Hill today as a House panel convened yet another hearing on how to best regulate autonomous vehicles. But it wasn’t clear that any of the issues that sunk the previous effort had actually been resolved. read more »

Mazda Recalling 2016 CX-5 over LED Lights That Could Flicker or Fail

Mazda says the problem happened because "inappropriate" materials were used for the sealing gasket attached to the LED daytime running lights' wiring connector. The gasket can release sulfur that can corrode the LED circuit that controls the lights. read more »