Article 2/MEJA Scorecard

The prosecution of civilians at court-martial has been an interesting development since the Article 2(a)(10), UCMJ, changes. For a little background see the earlier musings on this topic.

There has been only one private contractor ever indicted by the Department under MEJA for any sort of physically abusive or violent crime – Aaron Langston of Snowflake, Arizona, charged with assaulting a fellow contractor in Iraq with a knife. See United States v. Aaron Bridges Langston, CR-07-210-PHX (U.S. Dist. Ct., Dist. of Ariz., Indictment, Feb. 27, 2007).

Reported in, US military court-martialing civilian contractor Ali while DOJ slumbers, 19 May 2008.

Relying heavily on the information provided by CAAFLog over the weeks, here is what the scorecard appears to be.

NameCit’shipLocationTrial statusCase statusMEJA statusSecDef statusAliCanada/IraqReleasedConvicted and sentenced.Trying to figure out appeal rightsDenied.ApprovedBreda. U.S.Home in CONUSNone.Released from PTC.Denied.DeniedAdolph.U.S. PTC KuwaitPending.Pending pickup NLT 1 March by U.S.

Marshalls Service.Indicted in the U.S. District Ct. for

the Western District of Oklahoma.U.S.A has asserted MEJA juridiction.DeniedPriceU.S.Released and back in CONUS.Denied.Denied.