Are Revised Veterans and Diasability Regulations Imminent? Likely Not.

In the recently released Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs Spring 2013 “Agency Rule List,” the long awaited revisions to the OFCCP’sVeterans and Individuals with Disabilities regulations are listed with a July 2013 release date. If this was truly the case, the Office of Budget and Management’s (OMB) would have received (and reported on its website) thatthe finalized rules hadbeen submitted for the required OMB approval. They, however,have not. As such, it is likely that the release of these finalized regulations is not in fact imminent.

As we previously reported,Director Shiu is hopeful the regulations will be publised by the end of the year, but the vacancyat the head of the OMB and other policitcal considerations maybe responsible fordelay ofany finalized rules.