3D Printing Guidelines

UL, a safety consulting and certification company, is taking actions that may be of interest to any company involved (or looking to be involved) in the 3D printing industry. Specifically, UL is working with manufacturers, institutes and universities to develop safety guidelines and initiatives for the ever broadening 3D printing industry.

UL has already released a 3D printing compliance guideline (available in UL’s online “Library”), which defined “a roadmap of standards and regulations” 3D printing manufacturers should consider when creating their products. Currently, UL is looking to establish quality benchmarks to advance the performance of 3D printed products. In addition, UL is developing training programs for end user companies wishing to leverage 3D printing in design and engineering, as well as safety and quality frameworks for 3D printing applications.

While these guidelines are not binding on industry participants, they provide useful information to be considered by companies who wish to participate in the 3D printing market.