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    Holding that, to be actionable, the alleged conduct "must be extreme" and "the sporadic use of abusive language, gender-related jokes, and occasional teasing" are not enough
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    Holding that "[w]hatever evidentiary route the plaintiff chooses to follow, he or she must always prove that the conduct at issue was not merely tinged with offensive . . . connotations"
  3. Nat'l Labor Relations Bd. v. Bell Aerospace Co.

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    Holding that an agency's decision to choose either rulemaking or case-by-case adjudication is subject to reversal only if the agency committed an "abuse of discretion or a violation of [law]."
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    Holding that a union newsletter's description of a “scab” as a “traitor” could not be construed as a factual assertion
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    Holding that the use of an unambiguous racial epithet by a supervisor, immediately followed by a threat of termination, created a hostile work environment
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    Upholding conclusion that employees classified as department managers did not meet executive exemption
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    Holding that "even an apparently meritorious challenge to the authority of an NLRB agent in itself does not qualify as an ‘exceptional circumstance’ allowing the party to raise the argument for the first time before our Court"
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    Finding "derogatory racial or sexual epithets" are not entitled to NLRA protection even when made within the context of union-protected activity
  11. Section 1981 - Equal rights under the law

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    Granting equal rights to "make and enforce contracts" without regard to race